Case study: ELC Roofing

Providing ELC Roofing with business help for twenty years.

The company is known for carrying out zinc roofing services work across the UK – including places like Surrey, London, Kent and more

We are not new to working with construction companies and believe the work ELC Roofing provided would benefit all homeowners that wanted to redesign their property.

With our help, they have been able to have easy access to all the information they need to succeed as a business.

They have also worked alongside other companies across the UK that are known in the construction industry, such as Trade Handle Property and Warwickshire Homes to provide their services to homes that require zinc roofing services.

Our help

As a business advisory company, we have been able to provide ELC Roofing with all the information that was relevant to them establishing their business:

  • Helping them apply for grants and loans they are eligible for
  • Referring them to events across London that would be beneficial for them
  • Encouraging them to sign up for mentoring programs

The team at ELC Roofing are experienced with the work they offer to clients and continue to expand their portfolio with the different types of projects they carry out.

While the most popular services that they provide are zinc roofing services, they also provide clients with:

  • Chimney and brickwork
  • Guttering
  • Kitchen worktops and tables
  • Insurance work
  • Weatherboard
  • Hard metals

By being able to provide their clients with different types of home development services, they have been able to meet the needs of different clients.

Their success throughout the past two decades has been a result of the excellent services they provide to their customers and the business advice they have followed along the way.

We have had a positive experience working with them and their team and look for many happy years of partnership.