Start an Airbnb Business in a Few Simple Steps

starting an airbnb business

Starting an Airbnb business is so easy!

Hundreds of Airbnb owners across the UK now earn at least 3 times the amount of money compared to an average tenancy agreement.

Many landlords prefer short-letting as a side hustle, with some even branching out into their own holiday-letting businesses. We’ve seen many people earning a fortune by making this simple switch.

“A single mum from Bristol told how she earns up to £7,500 a year by welcoming foreign language students into her home.” See more.

And starting your own couldn’t be easier! Here you can find the steps for starting your own Airbnb business:

Is your property eligible?

Whether you are located in London, for example, you might want to familiarise yourself with local laws for short-term rentals.

Got a property in London? See if you are eligible.

Many cities and counties require hosts to hold a license before advertising their property or taking any bookings.

airbnb mangement property
Property co hosted by Airbnb Mangement company

Enlist some help

Creative Airbnb listings are 78% more likely to be booked.

Partnering with Airbnb managers is a surefire way to grow your business. More.

It’s not so easy to spark a potential customer’s interest in your Airbnb property especially when you not available all the time. That’s why we recommend relying on professionals.

Set your price

Before setting any price for your property, remember to think about affordability, audience and market.

The listing price your guests see is higher than what you earn. Remember, commission, VAT, and cleaning are all factors that affect your profit. 

Is owning a business successful?

While things have been quiet over the last couple of years due to the pandemic, UK cities are ready to welcome tourists back for the summer of 2023.

You can earn up to £7,500 a year tax-free by renting your holiday property!

Will Sutherland, 52, has made enough money as an Airbnb host to quit his job. He makes £30,000 per year renting it out and watches guests make happy memories that last forever.

"The treehouse gets thousands of views per month on Airbnb, and I'm booked for months out. The nightly price for the treehouse fluctuates between £160 and £250 a night"